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Agreement, partial agreement, disagreement



I completely / absolutely agree with you.


There is no doubt about it that ...


I couldn't agree more.


I completely agree.


That's so true.






Of course.


You're absolutely right.


Yes, I agree.


I think so too.


That's a good point.


I don't think so either.


So do I.


I'd go along with that.


That's true.


Neither do I.


I agree with you entirely.


That's just what I was thinking.


I couldn't agree more.

Partial agreement


I agree up to a point, but ...


That's true but ...


You could be right.


It sounds interesting, but ...


I see your point, but ...


That's partly true, but ...


I'm not so sure about that.


It is only partly true that ...


I can agree with that only with reservations.


That seems obvious, but ...


That is not necessarily so.


It is not as simple as it seems.


I agree with you in principle, but ...


I agree with you in part, but ...


Well, you could be right.



I can't share this / that / the view.


I totally disagree.


No way!


I'm afraid I can't agree with you.


To be honest ...


On the contrary.


It's out of the question.


That's different.


I don't agree with you.


However ...


That's not entirely true.


I'm sorry to disagree with you, but ...


Yes, but don't you think ...


That's not the same thing at all.


I'm afraid I have to disagree.


I'm not so sure about that.


I must take issue with you on that.


It's unjustifiable to say that ...


What I object to is ...

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Moet je een presentatie houden voor een (groot of klein) publiek, verwerk dan enkele kernwoorden van je tekst in een Worddocument. Druk deze kernwoorden/-zinnen vervolgens op lettergrootte 20 af. Verknip je kernwoorden/-zinnen ter grootte van een steekkaart. Plak de verknipte woorden/zinnen op steekkaartjes en houd deze in je handen tijdens je presentatie. Door het grote lettertype is het veel makkelijker om te 'spieken' op je kaartjes en valt het minder op. Zo kan je beter oogcontact houden met je publiek.

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