Schrijfopdracht: "All rise!" (page 191)

Life or live?

- life: zelfstandig naamwoord; het leven

- live: bijvoeglijk naamwoord of bijwoord; via een rechtstreekse verbinding / actief, in werking

- live is ook een werkwoord, maar wordt dan anders uitgesproken.


Why do we write 'I' capitalized?

We capitalize I because it refers to an individual. If it was written in lower case, one would think that it was a typographical error. For the same reason, we write our names starting with capital letter, they represent an individual, not just any random person.


Suffer from something

To suffer from a disorder, a disease, an illness, a condition.


To drink

- Present simple: drink

- Past simple: drank

- Past participle: drunk

Reading: "The 8 most notorious criminals ..." (p. 193)

Compare your own answers with the answers in the key and correct them whenever necessary.

The 8 most notorious criminals in Hollyw
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